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Becky Newell

Becky Newell

Product Manager, Knauf

I'm passionate about driving sustainable change and equality in our industry. We need more women in all areas of the industry from on site, to roles like my own in product management - ensuring that construction products are designed and marketed for everyone, rather than conforming to old fashioned stereotypes. It is important for everyone to get behind driving diversity, equality and inclusion as our differences don't define how well we can do a job, and everyone has an equal right to have their voice heard.


I'm a product manager for Knauf, working with jointing compounds, acoustic plasterboard ceilings and gypsum flooring. My role includes managing the product lifecycle and new product development. I'm passionate about sustainability having recently completed the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leaderships 'Business Sustainability Management', as well as being a sustainability champion for our business.