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Calum MacPhee

Calum MacPhee

Director , DK Heat Recovery

I’m a 29 year old company director with a great interest in engineering and sustainability. I started out as an apprentice engineer and then diversified into the world of industrial refrigeration and further focused on heat recovery from refrigeration (HRFR). I like to rise awareness of this technology that’s often overlooked. Nearly everyone is talking about heat pumps, but why have a heat pump on a building that also has refrigeration or AC, this is where HRFR comes in. Pay for it once use it twice, if your already using energy to cool an area, then you can extract that waste heat for free and use it for potable water or heating. On a more personal note, when I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my wife and children. 


Driving forward for a greener and more sustainable future is very important to me because I feel we really have the responsibility to make change for the generations to come. In the U.K we. have the power and resource to do this, we just need to continue raising awareness. Im a huge advocate for reducing overall demand, not just generating greener energy.