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Carly Gray

Carly Gray

Digital Marketing Manager, Ecosafe Group

With more than 15 years of experience in the dynamic world of marketing, I've held diverse roles spanning across various industries. My guiding principle in both my professional and personal life is a simple yet profound mantra: "People buy people." I wholeheartedly believe in this philosophy. Regardless of the field we operate in, we all share a common humanity, and it is our inherent right to be treated with respect. I make it my mission to keep this fundamental truth at the forefront of my daily interactions and decision-making. Moreover, I am a passionate advocate for equality. As a parent, I am actively nurturing the growth of two young girls who, like their mother, are destined to shatter barriers and defy limitations. It is not just a commitment but a responsibility to instill in them the values of equity, inclusivity, and empowerment. In this ever-evolving journey, my extensive marketing background has afforded me unique insights into the power of human connections and the impact of genuine, respectful engagement. It has reinforced my belief that, ultimately, success in any endeavour is rooted in our ability to connect, understand, and appreciate the shared humanity that unites us all.


"Becoming an ambassador for women in construction is both a personal and professional journey deeply rooted in my unwavering passion for gender equality, diversity, and a profound appreciation for the construction industry. My aspiration to champion women's presence in this predominantly male-dominated field is driven by several compelling factors. First and foremost, I acknowledge the immense potential that women bring to the construction sector. Their unique perspectives, problem-solving abilities, and collaborative approach can foster innovation and drive positive change in an industry that has long been in need of fresh ideas. As an ambassador, my primary aim is to be a catalyst for bridging the gender gap and encouraging more women to explore fulfilling careers in construction. My background in marketing and communications has exposed me to the challenges that women face across various industries. I have personally witnessed the gender disparities and believe it is imperative to dismantle these barriers for the next generation of female professionals. As an ambassador, I am unwaveringly committed to advocating for equal opportunities, fair treatment, and breaking stereotypes that hinder women from entering or thriving in this field. I am also inspired by the potential economic benefits that greater gender diversity can bring to the construction industry. Companies that prioritize diversity tend to be more innovative and profitable, making it a win-win situation for both women and the industry at large. In summary, my desire to become an ambassador for women in construction is fuelled by my profound belief in the potential of women, the urgent need for equality, and the opportunity to create a more inclusive, vibrant, and prosperous construction industry for all. I am fully prepared to advocate, inspire, and lead the charge for change in this vital sector."