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Charlie Casey

Charlie Casey

Project Manager, eSmart Networks

Charlie Casey is a project manager for eSmart Networks, an ICP. Her role involves supporting companies in achieving new and upgraded grid connections to open new locations and install high speed EV chargers across the UK. She also works to create seamless collaboration with a diverse array of stakeholders and multiple DNO's to ensure timely and cost-effective installations. Currently/ previously in her career Charlie is/has been responsible for overseeing both project managers and main contractors across over 70 sites within a well-known department chain, spanning retail, distribution, hospitality and agricultural industries. During that time, she worked across a variety of workstreams including LED upgrades, EC fan installations, De Strat fan introduction and BMS update. As a result of her hard work, she gained seniority in the EV Charger rollout, including the trial induction chargers and the planning stages of both solar and PV panels, which inspired her migration into this industry. Charlie’s electrical experience originated onsite as an electrical apprentice for an electrical contractor, specialising in high-end luxury retailers and households. Covering maintenance and new installations across Knightsbridge and Mayfair, including exciting projects for Bulgari and Belstaff to install window displays inside Harrods.


As a woman in construction, I am passionate about promoting gender equality and empowering women within the industry. It is essential to recognize and celebrate the invaluable contributions that women bring to construction, from project management to engineering and skilled trades. By actively encouraging and supporting women to pursue careers in construction, we can tap into a vast pool of talent, diversity, and fresh perspectives. Together, we can challenge stereotypes, inspire the next generation of female builders, and build a future where women are equally represented and valued in every aspect of construction.