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Charlotte Stevens

Charlotte Stevens

Group HR Manager , FORTH Group

With over 15 years of dedicated experience in the construction industry, I am on a mission to challenge the enduring gender stereotypes that continue to persist within this sector. Backed by a Master's degree in Human Resource Management, I bring a unique blend of practical construction knowledge and a deep understanding of human dynamics to the table. My primary passion lies in cultivating environments where individuals can excel, regardless of their gender or background. I firmly believe that businesses should centre their operations around their most valuable asset: people. Throughout my career journey, I have witnessed the hurdles that women often face in construction, from biases to unequal opportunities. I am committed to being a catalyst for change, advocating for gender-neutral roles, and fostering a culture of equality. My aspiration is to inspire a new generation of women to confidently pursue careers in construction without any reservations. Furthermore, I firmly believe that employee well-being is pivotal to organisational success. By championing wellness initiatives and promoting a holistic approach to workforce development, I aim to create an environment where every employee feels valued and supported. For me, adopting a people-centric approach is not just preferable; it's an essential strategy. Drawing from my extensive construction experience, academic qualifications, and passion for inclusivity and well-being, I am committed to instigating transformation within the construction industry.


Equality matters to me because it's about empowering every individual to reach their full potential. Equality is close to my heart because I believe that everyone should feel secure and empowered in their workplace, knowing that opportunities are open to all.