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Chloe Cross

Chloe Cross

Business Development Director , Pelham Interiors

I currently work Pelham Interiors as their Business Development Director. I have been doing business development for over 5yrs now and always been in the construction industry. I was a women in construction ambassador last year and was great meeting like minded ladies in the same industry.


Frequently, people inquire about my experience as a woman in the construction industry. However, the reality is that I know no different. Working in a male-dominated field comes with its challenges, but I believe the most effective approach is to demonstrate our capabilities are on par with those of men. Sure, it's not all hard hats and nail guns for me and while I might not physically build houses, I firmly believe that my work ethic, determination, and abilities are just as strong, if not better, as a male in this industry. But hey, I'm on a mission, a mission to empower the up-and-coming generation of female builders, architects, engineers and more. It's like being a superhero passing the torch to a new league of Wonder Women in hard hats!