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Claire Crompton (she/her)

Claire Crompton (she/her)

Principal Engineer, Co-chair SRM Gender Equality Network, Sir Robert McAlpine

Claire has 14 years’ experience in the construction industry and currently works as a principal design engineer at Sir Robert McAlpine, working in the Civils team of McAlpine Design Group.  She also co-chairs the Gender Equality Network where she works closely with other affinity networks to promote diversity and inclusion at Sir Robert McAlpine.

I believe that Inclusion and Diversity should be at the heart of what we do in construction, both in terms of improving the built environment and within our workforce. This is only possible if everyone works together to achieve it; everyone is different and therefore what is inclusive for me may not be for someone else so we need to share stories and ideas, promoting safe and judgement free places to talk. Everyone should feel able to be themselves at work, this will only happen when we have a truly inclusive culture within the industry.