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Doreen DiSalvo

Doreen DiSalvo

Head of Brand and Communications - Northern Europe, Hilti

Doreen DiSalvo is a marketing and sales executive, affinity group leader, mentor, and athlete. She brings over 20 years of experience in a variety of industries, notably spending time in the construction, consumer packaged goods, and adult beverage industries. She is skilled in executive management, team building, communication, marketing, and consumer profiling. Doreen has a proven track record of driving profitable growth and maintaining excellent relationships. As you can imagine, her expertise spans diverse roles, from leading national brand and communication teams to customer strategy and large customer management. Doreen is known for her ability to mentor, coach, and foster diversity and inclusion as the head of the Women’s Affinity Group at Hilti North America.


"The persistent timeline of 131 years to close the gender gap along with only 14 countries granting legal equal rights to women is a stark reminder of the long road ahead for achieving true equality. Throughout most of my career, I've been the sole woman in many rooms, lacking role models. To me, it's evident that promoting gender parity is not just a moral imperative; it's a values-based case rooted in the idea that women, constituting half of the world's population, should have equitable access to health, education, economic."