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Edona Kurti

Edona Kurti

Project Manager, CBRE GWS

I am a Project Manager and two time finalist at the Construction News Awards 2022 and Inspiring Women Awards 2023. I am passionate about early careers development and the drive for more DE&I initiatives across the industry, to ensure every individual can be their true self.


It is essential we develop an industry built on the basis of Diversity, Inclusivity, Equity. Every individual brings new experiences, cultures, languages etc to help the industry become ever more understanding and adaptable to the changing world. A key driver of my work in the industry has always been to ensure we can all be our true selves and feel welcomed in every work place, project and relationship built throughout our careers. Through respecting one another, being understanding and enthusiastic to learn, we can embrace one another's differences and ensure we work in an inclusive industry. Every individual must make an effort to ensure diversity, inclusion and change across the industry from every level, and it is very important ambassadors help educate fellow colleagues, to ensure the industry becomes a place of acceptance of individuality.