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Eleanor Girdziusz

Eleanor Girdziusz

Senior Associate - UK Building Acoustic Lead, Stantec

With over 20 years in consultancy, Eleanor has extensive experience developing and delivering acoustic strategy design for building projects across all sectors. She is a strong advocate for developing innovative ways to communicate the complex concept of sound and pioneers adoption of auralisation and other cutting-edge techniques, seeking to bring industry advancements into all her projects. Eleanor recognises the critical role designers play in developing sustainable building solutions and has specific decarbonisation experience and expertise in sustainable acoustic solutions to prevent overheating. Eleanor raises the profile of the acoustic profession through her involvement in the Association of Noise Consultants Marketing Committee, her role as author of the Architectural Acoustics Module for the Institute of Acoustics Virtual Work Experience Programme (aimed at secondary school students) and also as an Examiner for the Institute of Acoustics Diploma - using her experience of working in the industry to give a wider insight into acoustic career options. Eleanor also champions women in the construction industry seeking to provide mentorship, visibility and open up networking opportunities for a greater number of women.


"We are stronger together and by supporting each other, we are not only helping women achieve fantastic things today, but are also paving the way for greater gender equality in the future."