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Ellen Gaisie

Ellen Gaisie

Design Manager, Airey Miller

A highly motivated, professional team player, who is also a mum of three wonderful children, including twin 1 year old boys. With my valuable experience and in the industry despite juggling the ultimate job of being a mum, I hope to encourage children especially young females to be more confident and open to all industries and sectors with no limitations.


"I was raised in a culture where men were seen as head in most aspects of the society, but fortunately , I had a father who did not follow the norms of the society and encouraged his only daughter that everything she wanted was achievable. I have had my challenges in my career but have learnt to overcome them, based on the foundation i had, and as my father encouraged me, i encourage my daughter in the same way. I however, would prefer my daughter working in an environment where her challenges mirror that of the opposite gender."