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Emily McCullagh

Emily McCullagh

Managing Director, Publicity Engineers

Emily has worked for Publicity Engineers for over a decade and is dedicated to home interiors and lifestyle design, with significant experience within the KBB and construction industry: B2B and B2C. Drawing on over 15 years experience in the media industry alone, her passion and professional career demonstrates a dynamic approach to client branding and specialised PR & Marketing strategies.


"The time for equality in the built environment is now, especially as the market continues to be led by a number of growing socioeconomic factors such as income gap, gender inequality, health care, and social class. In fact, the construction industry has one of the lowest representations of women and ethnic minority employees when compared to other sectors and last year, the Chartered Institute of Building reported that women make up only 15% of the UK construction industry, with approximately only 2% working onsite. Through better access to hands-on training and education, I believe it is possible to change opinion and make a fundamental shift towards future hiring decisions, which are more inclusive, diverse, and socially responsible."