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Ernest Obeng Antwi

Ernest Obeng Antwi

Quantity Surveyor, Contracta Construction UK Limited


‘’Self-belonging and esteem enables individuals, employees to actualize their capabilities and potentials, providing physical, psychological, and social well-being, as a quota to their employers and the world at large in the built environment industry. The working culture and environment of a company determines the mental health of its employees which includes interpersonal relations, competence, self-actualization, perception, and behavioral change etc, that associate stress, anxiety, depression, suicide, and substance abuse. Every employee needs a sound mind, good health, personal career development, self-belonging and actualization to be mentally fit and healthy. These helps individuals to perform well under high efficiency and productive. Employer’s must support its employees with an open working culture that enable individuals to share, make decision, and accept their involvement either than making them just a supporting stuff left behind every decision making, thinking they have nothing to offer and contribute for the company development and growth; and these then leaves employees being stigmatized amongst, causing anxiety, stress and incapable as a result of mental illness such as sleep irritation, insufficient energy to perform, thinking of harming others or one self. Setting up and accepting complains, speak out from employee’s grievances help them solve issues that might cause mental illness affecting their work and being under poor performance is a wide support to employees. Providing good healthy food, social life, and supporting employee health as part of company working culture enables individuals and achieve self-belonging with an enthusiasm. I am for self-well-being of Employee’s Mental Health, let’s together be supportive and help achieve good mental health of employee’’.