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Ethan Fricke

Ethan Fricke

Principal | Founder, Oversight Consulting

A young health and safety professional in the construction industry.  

Personal Statement: 

Ethan is an experienced Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental professional who has provided consultancy and auditing services that enable organisations to develop, implement, and lead health and safety improvement initiatives. He has led executives, front line and safety leadership teams in the understanding and application of key health and safety management principles, culture and behaviour changing, strategic planning and execution. Supported safe work environments for employees on the job, mitigating situations as needed to ensure safe working environments for numerous locations. Ethan has been working in the construction industry for the past 12 years, and have seen the industry really get on board. We are proud supporters of TIACS foundation, and have had several seminars and workshops with our clients in the psychosocial / mental wellbeing space. We hope to continue to be the leaders in this space. Connect, if you want to protect your business and ensure you're compliant.

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