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Ettienne Beyleveldt

Ettienne Beyleveldt

Energy & Power Sector Specialist, The WP Group

Every person should be looking to make a difference to the future. By creating a culture of innovation and implementation we can make or processes and products more sustainable and have a greener future. We have the potential to make the world a better place for our children and that starts today. Walk, Carpool or change the fuel you use. small changes add up. If you leave saving the planet to someone else, no-one will do it and everyone loses.


In a rapidly changing world driven by cost reduction and scalable operations it is more difficult to remain true to sustainability. I believe that sustainability is a process and at any stage of our operation we need to be held accountable for our sustainability. By purchasing fleet and utilizing then for longer or from recycling office furniture to repurpose them or by simply changing your fuel to a sustainable source, each person can make small changes. Our marathon towards a sustainable future starts with placing your first sustainable step.