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Michael Fekry George

Michael Fekry George

Project Manager, Mountain View - DMG

With more than 15 years’ experience in projects management “ PMP Certified “ in Construction and Real Estate industry ,holding a master degree in business (MBA) from ESLSCA –Paris with a thesis about the role of positivity in achieving business results . integrating the business and engineering background with a another dimension of psychology intervention by studying the Science of happiness for employees conducted by Delivering happiness DH -USA and Neurolinguistics programing to a level of Master Practitioner – ABNLP-USA was able to lead teams effectively in a positive work environment while achieving the desired business and financial tagets. My Higher Purpose is helping people by spreading knowledge and life experience, making their life easier and happier with increased performance, productivity though coaching, and trainings.,speaker in many conference around the work as BIG5Egypt and Big5Dubai , and Coach Facilitator at Miami Happiness Feast to spread a culture of Happiness around the world.


Happiness is a Choice , you have all what you need to succeed , what you don't have is what you dont need , just focus by Finding Opportunities Causing Unique Success the key is your own happiness and metal health awareness . I consider This Expo an opportunity for supporting mental health movement as its include people from around the world in the field of construction either as Consultant , Contractor , Engineering , Academic professors ,, Achieving this needs a full cooperation and support from all people believing in the importance of mental health , we as ambassadors must raise the awareness to all people in the power of metal health in construction how can this help employees be more productive with better performance reflecting to an increased profit .