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Gail Godden

Gail Godden

Business Development Manager, BCM Scaffolding Services Ltd

Forward thinking Business Development Manager with over forty years of experience in the Electronics and Fire safety system industry. Director and company owner for sixteen years. I always strive to assist organisations growth by exploring and developing new markets, media platforms, and better relationships with existing customers. Satisfaction is key for both clients and employees. Return business is really important which is a true reflection of team work and trust between all parties. I enjoy building relationships, cementing client/supplier confidence and understanding. I have an active, some say extrovert personality which has served me well over the years. I am always keen to meet new people. discuss opportunities and I am looking forward to the London Build Expo 2023, see you there.


"I have been in a male dominated industry my whole working career and things have changed but there are still mountains to climb. It does bring a smile to my face to see so many more women in the construction industry to when I first started out back in the 80's. I truly believe we are getting there, women are now being recognised for what they can bring to the workplace. Being offered more opportunities from an early age is refreshing but we need to keep going, encouraging diverse thinking from early on in schools educating young women that they can pursue any industry they desire. I also think that there is still a lack of confidence in young people and this again needs to start at school age and also from parenting. It is all good and moving in the right direction, be strong, be proud and dream big everyone! we've got this!"