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Georgie Haslam

Georgie Haslam

Technical & Innovation Coordinator, Vistry Group

I have been in the construction industry now for just over 2 years. After completing my Civil Engineering degree at Leeds Beckett University, I went straight into a technical coordinator role at Vistry Partnerships. I have recently transitioned into a Vistry Group based role, as a technical and innovation coordinator. I am now focusing on research and development into the way we will build our houses in the future, to meet changes in regulations, and also to improve our customer’s experience. I am specifically interested in the embodied carbon of the materials we use to construct our houses, looking at how we can reduce the emissions, and the technologies we can introduce which make homes more energy efficient. I am still early on in my career in this industry and hope to learn a lot more along the way, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey so far!


"Driving for equality is important to me, as I have seen first hand the lack of opportunity for young women and girls to get into jobs in the construction industry. The conversation of females going into the construction industry was never brought up in my years at school, I had to go out of my way to look for what career options were available to me in the sector. I don't want this to be the case in the future. I would like career opportunities in construction to be widely accessible to everyone, including women and girls. I was 1 of 7 females on my university course, out of a cohort of approximately 70 students. I hope that in the future this split becomes a 50/50 female to male cohort and that more emphasis is put on advertising the construction industry to female students whilst at school, specifically at GCSE stage, and also at post-16 colleges."