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Ghitta Basson

Ghitta Basson

Mental Health Consultant & Therapist, Rewind Your Mind

Navigating the challenges of modern life, Ghitta Basson is an expert in alleviating the pressures of everyday living, offering a range of workshops and tools to combat stress.and the like. With over 13 years as a therapist and 7 years as a Mental Health Consultant, Ghitta's journey is personal and inspiring. Starting her career in London, she faced sexual harassment, leading to immense stress. Her subsequent role as a Sales and Event Manager subjected her to severe work hours, pushing her towards the brink of health and mental issues. Her struggles persisted when she delved into the construction sector, grappling with a toxic work environment that heavily impacted her mental well-being. Concurrently, Ghitta's part-time role as a therapist shed light on the prevalent mental health challenges in workplaces. This insight led her to initiate relaxation and stress management workshops, rapidly gaining traction. Transitioning from an active role IN the construction realm to supporting its workforce, and later broadening her services to diverse corporations, Ghitta acknowledges the urgent need for mental health understanding. This is particularly crucial given the general hesitance to seek aid, rooted in societal stigmas. Now, Ghitta designs bespoke workshops for corporate clients, encompassing areas such as Stress Management, Mindfulness, and Mental Health Awareness. Beyond her formal training, Ghitta's genuine experiences mould her methodology, establishing her as a true champion for mental health and well-being. She resonates with those she helps, emphasising the importance of timely intervention and support.


"My personal journey in the construction sector underscores the pressing need to address mental health issues, exacerbated by high-stress levels and toxic environments. My initiatives, like deep relaxation workshops and in-house therapy, received positive responses, highlighting the industry's demand for such interventions. Changing perceptions about mental health is paramount for individual well-being, fostering healthier workplaces, and ensuring the industry's overall success and appeal."