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Hamza Shaikh

Hamza Shaikh

Digital Artist & Architect, Gensler

Hamza Shaikh is an architect at Gensler with broad-ranging experience at all scales of the built environment. He is also a writer and ‘AI hybrid artist’, primarily known for his thought-leadership in the architecture and design industry, particularly in artistic technology & innovation. In 2021, he was awarded ‘Individual of the Year’ by Thornton Education Trust for inspiring future generations in architecture. Hamza also hosts the podcast series ‘Two Worlds Design’ which explores the future of architects’ roles in a rapidly evolving world. He was the lead curator of ‘Vanishing Points – Architectural Imagination in the Digital Universe’ showcasing renowned historical architectural drawings alongside 'viral' contemporary works. His book ‘Drawing Attention – Architecture in the Age of Social Media’ explores the impact of social media on architecture and is a critical handbook for students and young practitioners. Hamza is also a visiting critic at the University of Westminster and the University for Creative Arts.