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Harrison O'Hara

Harrison O'Hara

Head of Advancing Technologies & Innovation, BAM

Dedicated and results-driven Innovation Leader with over a decade of industry experience working across some of UK’s largest infrastructure projects. Throughout his career, Harrison has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to identifying inefficiencies, driving innovation and fostering a culture of excellence. His journey began as a Site Engineer, where he learnt the challenges of the site teams and built a profound understanding of the complex intricacies of large-scale projects.

Earning an MSc in Construction Innovation and Management further expanded his knowledge base, equipped him with the tools to drive transformative change within the industry. He has a proven track record of implementing company-wide technological solutions, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and delivering industry changing innovation.

A highlight of his career was achieving a global first BSi Innovation kite mark while working on Europe's largest infrastructure project, setting new standards for excellence and working with some of the UK’s leading technology startups. Today, as Head of Advancing Technology and Innovation, he continues to lead the charge in pushing the boundaries, listening to customers and developing a framework where innovation can thrive.