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Hayley Knight

Hayley Knight

Marketing and Creative Content Manager, M-EC Development Technical Consultants

Hayley Knight is a proficient Marketing and Creative Content Manager at M-EC Development Technical Consultants, who specialise in delivering technical services to a diverse clientele that includes developers, architects, planning consultants, and landowners. Her role extends beyond mere promotion of the company's offerings; she is committed to business development and to fostering a culture of industry expertise among her colleagues. Hayley encourages them to leverage their knowledge to support other companies and clients, particularly in the dynamically evolving landscape of the overall industry. In addition to her titles as Associate and Chartered Marketer of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). She has earned a CIM equivalent degree in professional marketing from Wolverhampton University, underscoring her dedication to continuous learning and professional growth. With a rich background encompassing previous roles with various SME housebuilders, Hayley boasts extensive expertise in construction, pre-planning and an intimate familiarity with business support services and organisations. Her passion revolves around the creation of vibrant communities that leave an enduring legacy and the need for inclusivity and gender diversity within the construction and engineering sectors. She is dedicated to challenging the outdated narrative that discouraged women from pursuing positions in housebuilding and engineering, and she is determined to break these barriers and continue to promote the benefits to both individuals and companies.


Together, we can create change and ensure that everyone has the chance to be themselves, succeed, and improve our surroundings. Let's remove all barriers for everyone.