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Henrik Schoenefeldt

Henrik Schoenefeldt

Professor for Sustainability in Architectural Heritage, Houses of Parliament Restoration & Renewal
Henrik Schoenefeldt is Professor of Sustainability in Architectural Heritage at the University of Kent, National Teaching Fellow and AHRC Leadership Fellow. He trained as an architect and specialised in environmental design with an MPhil and PhD from the University of Cambridge. His main research interest is in historic principles of environmental design, both as field of scholarly research and architectural practice. Since 2016 he has been seconded to the Palace of Westminster Restoration and Renewal Programme to lead a large research project investigating the 19th-century principles of ventilation, climate control and fire engineering underlying Charles Barry’s design of the Houses of Parliament. This research has provided new insights into the history, design and performance of these technologies which has been underpinning the development of various workstream within the restoration programme. His research has been published, amongst others, in Architectural History, Building Research &, Information, Antiquaries Journal and Building & Cities. It is also been the subject of his recent book ‘Rebuilding the Houses of Parliament: David Boswell Reid and Disruptive Environmentalism’, published by Routledge in 2021.