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London Build

Honeyksha Waghela

Honeyksha Waghela

Environmental Analyst , Kohn Pederson Fox

Honeyksha is an Environmental Analyst based in London, with a degree in Sustainable Environmental Design from the Architectural Association. She is driven by a vision of a greener future, advocating for environmental-friendly practices, minimizing carbon footprints, and encouraging communities to adopt sustainable habits. As a Sustainability Ambassador, she is committed to crafting a healthier, more resilient world. Honeyksha believes in the strength of collective action, working to make sustainability accessible and impactful for everyone.


Embracing sustainability isn't just a choice; it's a responsibility to create a healthier, more resilient world that thrives in balance with nature. Witnessing the environmental challenges we face, I am motivated to contribute to solutions that mitigate climate change, minimize carbon footprint of buildings and resource depletion.