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Iain Ceri Roberts

Iain Ceri Roberts

Principal Fire Safety Engineer, Vinci Construction

Joined VINCI Construction’s Building division in January 2022 as Principal Fire Safety Engineer. Key objective is to ensure we achieve the fire strategy goals and get things right first time to make the built environment as safe as possible, for the lifetime of the building as required by the Building Safety Act 2022.
Brings a proven track record of problem solving and critical thinking to achieve specific goals in required timescales. Development and implementation of corporate strategies to achieve organizational objectives. Highly motivated, and success orientated with the communication and technical skills required to drive innovation and add value to clients.

Role and responsibilities:
Provide strategic support and direction on projects in terms of fire safety and early engagement during RIBA design stages to ensure compliance with fire safety legislation. Provide fire engineering guidance and support during construction phases. As part of the fire safety support role, engages with the site teams, fire engineers, local AHJ’s, and the client to provide solutions to meet the functional requirements of the Building Regulations.