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Jackie Brennan

Jackie Brennan

CEO, Well Constructed

Having worked from the bottom to the boardroom over 40 years in construction, Jackie knows what it takes to build a thriving company. Having seen how much employees’ expectations are changing, she believes the construction industry is missing the huge potential of its people and it doesn’t have to stay this way. Jackie’s vision is for every employee, regardless of role, to be happy, healthy, and feel valued, so that they can reach their full potential, live their best life and truly thrive. That’s why she created the Well Constructed Blueprint, supporting everybody in construction to reach their full potential… from the bottom to the board!


"I believe the construction industry needs to shift from the mainly reactive crisis management to proactive strategies that create caring, high-performing cultures. This requires organisations to critically assess their own practices that may inadvertently exacerbate mental health challenges whilst also equipping workers with science-backed techniques to stay thriving, engaged, and resilient therefore reducing the need for downstream interventions. Leading this cultural change means recognising mental health as a normal human experience, not a stigma and taking preventative steps to optimise mental health across the continuum for every employee through organisational and individual action."