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Jenna Hartwig

Jenna Hartwig

Jenna Hartwig, Foundation Personnel

I'm an ally for construction talent acquisition and business expansion. As a seasoned Business Development Manager at Foundation Personnel Ltd, I bring a diverse skill set encompassing direct sales, B2B expertise, recruiting acumen, and adept account management. My true passion revolves around cultivating robust client relationships and assisting them with ambitions within the construction industry. Beyond my professional endeavour’s, I dedicate my time to volunteer work at the Winter Night Shelter. Here, I actively contribute to providing emergency accommodations and crucial support to individuals in dire need. This commitment underscores my unwavering dedication to making a meaningful impact in our community. My professional ethos revolves around helping clients discover tailor-made solutions to their unique business challenges, ensuring they not only meet but exceed their objectives by being a friendly, approachable, and results-driven partner to navigate the intricacies of talent acquisition and foster business growth within the construction sector, I'm here to engage and collaborate with businesses effectively. Together, we can build a brighter future for the construction industry, grounded in strong relationships, unwavering commitment, and tangible success


In my journey in the construction industry, I've learned a powerful truth: it's built for everyone, by everyone. It's not just about bricks and steel; it's about diverse minds coming together to create something extraordinary. As a young woman in construction, I've seen firsthand the impact of different perspectives, diversity isn't a tick-box exercise to pacify women. It's a recognition that our unique approach is a powerful asset and when heard has the power to bring incredible new ideas. We're not saying we're the same as men; we're celebrating that we're different. Every idea, every thought, and every project execution is elevated when we consider everyone's unique viewpoint. It's not just about 'diversity' for the sake of it; it's about recognizing that each perspective brings a valuable piece to the puzzle. Construction isn't limited by gender or any other labels. It's a canvas where everyone's ideas can paint a brighter future. So, let's continue to make a space where women are not just tolerating but encouraged to come forward and be seen and empower each other to contribute our best, shaping the world around us. Together, we're not just building structures; we're building a legacy of inclusion and innovation.