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Jennifer MacFadyen

Jennifer MacFadyen

Architect , Buckley Gray Yeoman Architects

I have 5 years experience in the industry, working across small scale residential projects, larger placing making masterplans, and prominent cultural and commercial renovation and retrofit schemes. My passion for architecture lies in bringing together craftsmanship and creativity in order to produce exemplary buildings that shape our cities; regardless of the scale and sector. I studied at the University of Newcastle and the University of Sheffield for part 1 and part 2 respectively, where I enjoyed exploring evocative material craftsmanship and the anthropological impact we can have as part of the industry. My keen enthusiasm for photography comes directly from my architectural training, and I enjoy capturing the finer details of our built environment.


I am driven by and want to encourage ambitious women within the construction industry to break the lingering glass ceiling. I believe that striving for gender parity in construction should be neither a male or female pursuit, but one of everybody who engages with the industry.