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Jenny Ellis

Jenny Ellis

Fire Safety Engineer , KIWA Fire Safety Compliance UK

I love working in Construction. It is no longer gender based and dominated by any singular demographic and that is refreshing to see. Especially for younger generations currently in training and other under represented groups. . I have worked in Construction now for many years having moved into Fire Safety from Construction Site Inspection. I strive to be the best I can be in terms of qualification, study and learning and career development. This allows me to enrich my knowledge in my specialised field and encourage other women to do the same.

It is important for everyone to get behind driving diversity and equality in Construction as we live in an ever changing world. Construction is an industry which is constantly changing. Its important to have a positive outlook on the prospect of change and inclusion of all as things evolve and develop for the better - look around you....we all benefit from our built environment and its great to be a part of its progression. We all should be included in that progression as its for us all to benefit from.