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Joanne Corn

Joanne Corn

Associate, Architectural Technologist, r h partnership architects

Hello, my name is JoAnne Corn and I am an architectural technologist based in rhp’s Cambridge office. I have been part of the rhp team for the last 17 years. During that time I have worked on a variety of projects and within a wide range of teams. Working with new people especially those at the start of their career has been one of the things I have enjoyed the most. I have a keen interest in promoting Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness with the construction industry. It’s something I am really passionate about and feel can make a positive difference in the workplace. I see communication as the central part of my day job. We strive to communicate clear, concise and pertinent information in everything we do. Always trying not to lose sight of the people, both involved in the process and those who will enjoy the places we create. I am excited to be a part of the London Build Ambassador Team.


We all have something to give to the process. We recognise that our differences make us stronger as a team. Diversity, equality and inclusion in construction helps drive innovation, allows us to work with the best people and properly reflect those who use the spaces we create.