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Jodie Sawyer

Jodie Sawyer

Bid Manager, AECOM

Navigating the male-dominated construction industry has been both fulfilling and demanding. Commencing my career in an administrative role, I found my calling in construction. As I moved up the ladder, I discovered my passion for bid writing, honing my administrative, analytical, and strategic skills. However, my most significant journey was becoming a qualified mental health first aider and work place advocate within the construction field. It is a terrain where conversations about mental health are often eclipsed by the need for people wanting to appear ‘strong’. I've witnessed the silence that surrounds mental health, especially among my male colleagues who hesitate to speak up. In this industry, where stoicism often prevails, I recognised the critical importance of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. I became a mental health first aider to be a beacon of support and a listening ear, emphasizing the necessity of prioritising mental well-being. My journey is a testament to why mental health advocacy in construction is imperative. It's about acknowledging that mental health challenges are as crucial as physical safety on construction sites. My role as a workplace advocate and mental health first aider is a commitment to fostering open dialogues, providing guidance, and creating a safe space for discussions. By addressing the mental health needs of my colleagues, I aim to transform the construction industry into one that is not only built on solid foundations but also on empathy and support for its workforce.


"From construction to compassion: Join me as I share my journey through the construction industry to becoming a mental health first aider and advocate, breaking the silence and transforming the construction world into a safer and more supportive place. Discover the riveting transformation of a construction industry trailblazer as I journey from hard hats to heart-to-hearts, sharing how I became a mental health advocate, and why opening up these crucial conversations is making the world of construction a better, more empathetic place"