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Julia Mantelian

Julia Mantelian

Founder & Director at JMP Contractors & Engineers, JMP Contractors & Engineers

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Julia started work with Hardman Structural Engineers as a graduate structural engineer in 2013. After furthering her practical knowledge of the building industry, she became a Project Engineer, while she was completing a master’s degree in Civil Engineering Structures. After working as a Project Engineer on several high-end residential and mixed-use projects, working with both private and developer clients, she saw an opportunity to provide building services from design through to construction and hand-over. Since then, JMP Contractors & Engineers have been established and known for their quality and ability to the heart of what their clients are looking for. Julia is still involved in the design aspect of projects and has a hands-on role in the day-to-day running of the business.


"I've witnessed firsthand the disparities and underrepresentation that exist in the industry. I believe that diversity and inclusion not only promote fairness but also lead to better outcomes in terms of innovation and problem-solving. By striving for equality in construction, we can create a more inclusive and dynamic industry that benefits everyone involved, from employees to clients and the communities we serve."