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Julie Brant

Julie Brant

Co Founder, ZapienSolar

I'm a 3 x Founder. My businesses has been in Catering, Property and Marketing. The majority of my career has been in residential and commercial property for 12 years. From owning my own property portfolio to selling land to property developers. My latest project is in solar energy research and develop with alternative solutions working with scientists and engineers. Gaining expertise and extensive background provides me with a deep understanding of real estate, regulations, client relationships, and project management, which are all valuable assets when working on solar energy projects. With this whole wealth of knowledge, I can identify innovative opportunities where solar energy can be integrated into both residential and commercial properties, potentially leading to more comprehensive and effective solutions.


"My passion is exploring sustainable solutions and dedication to addressing carbon emissions and environmental challenges is my mission. I'm inspired by drive, as well as commitment to making a positive impact each day, that can help foster and motivate other people.

By embracing my role as a female entrepreneur in construction and renewable energy, I contribute to a more diverse, equitable, and innovative industry. My impact extends beyond my business, shaping the industry's future and promoting a culture of equality and sustainability. I can support and drive positive change and open doors for more women in the future of renewable energy in construction."