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Karen Blay

Karen Blay

Senior Lecturer in Digital Construction and Quantity Surveying, Loughborough University

Dr Karen Blay is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Construction and Quantity Surveying at Loughborough University. She is a Chartered Construction Manager, a Member of the Association for Computing Machinery, an Affiliate Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and a Member of the UK NHS Digital Estate Group. Her research advances Digital Information Resilience and Inclusion in the Built Environment. She has closely collaborated with NHS, government departments, industry partners and academia as a PI/Co-I/ named researcher in developing digital solutions and strategies across projects such as Information Resilience (quality and security) for the Digital Built Environments, Attracting and Retaining Women in Construction through digitalisation, socio-technical development of digital tools, the Governance of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence for monitoring Reinforced Autoclave Aerated Concrete (RAAC). She has authored outputs that advance knowledge on Information Resilience, Data Optimisation, Building Information Modelling and Inclusion.