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Karen Sum

Karen Sum

Head of Global Account Management, GEZE

I've worked in the property construction industry for nearly 20 years and had an absolute ball doing it. I've worked in site project management roles, team management roles and business development roles and never once felt inhibited by this wonderful industry. I take every opportunity to share my enthusiasm and experiences in the hope that these positive stories have an impact on those "on the fence" about whether the construction industry is right for them. In my humble opinion, it can be right for all if you find the niche that fits you and your personality. I'd be proud to be an ambassador for this network, having been introduced to it earlier in my career. Hope I can share some insights on life in huge companies and not so huge companies and the great experiences available in both.


"The construction industry is built on being an industry with many diverse trades and this also applies to the many diverse roles. It is just a matter of seeking out the right solution to build on your own personality”.