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Kate Milford

Kate Milford

Director, Milford & Marah

Kate has dedicated her career to supporting companies, both large and small, in defining, developing, and measuring the performance of their staff. She is now director of Milford & Marah, a boutique consultancy specialising in turning business strategies into workable, integrated solutions, particularly in relation to workforce competence. Kate is currently working with the Association for Passive Fire Protection (ASFP) to promote and improve competence across passive fire protection and is leading work in relation to firestopping on behalf of the Grenfell working group for installers.

 Kate previously led the operation of EUSR, one of the UK’s largest independent skills registers responsible for over 250,000 people and has both implemented and audited solutions for improving and recognising competence in diverse industries including energy, telecoms, manufacturing, engineering, culture, and heritage.  She has worked at a national and international level, implementing Government strategies for occupational standards, vocational qualifications, and apprenticeships, and through development of the European taxonomy of Skills Competences and Occupations (ESCO).