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Kirsty Collin

Kirsty Collin

Global Head of CRM, Gleeds

Kirsty, a seasoned professional with over 18 years in the construction industry, currently serves as the Global Head of CRM at Gleeds, a position she's held since October last year. Beyond her impressive career, Kirsty is a beacon of inspiration, fuelled by her unwavering passion for raising awareness around mental health. What sets Kirsty apart is her non-traditional career journey. She didn't leave school with a multitude of qualifications forging her own path and defying conventional norms. Kirsty later qualified as a project manager, despite not being in a project management role, showcasing her tenacity and determination to carve out her place in the industry.


"Having worked in the construction industry for as long as I have, I have seen what it’s like to work within an environment without equality; but also how much has changed. I am keen for that change to continue and to be part of that."