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Klaudia Plesova

Klaudia Plesova

Sustainability consultant, Grinity s.r.o.

Hi, I'm Klaudia and I'm a sustainability consultant specialising in BREEAM certification for sustainable construction. My role is to make buildings more efficient through decreasing their energy and consumption, improving their accessibility and waste management, and at the same time pushing for digitalisation and smart technology in projects. This reduces their environmental impact. I'm always looking for new ways to make the built environment more sustainable and have been working with architects, engineers, builders and other stakeholders on various projects around Europe.


"As a woman in construction, driving for equality is important to me because it not only promotes fairness and justice but also advances the industry's success. To achieve this, we must tackle gender stereotypes and biases, ensure equal access to training and career advancement opportunities, and implement family-friendly policies and flexible work arrangements. By doing so, we can create an inclusive environment that benefits everyone in the industry."