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Kristjana Doka

Kristjana Doka

Fire Engineer, Arup

Current Fire Safety Engineer (IMFSE alumni - International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering) with a master's degree in Architecture and one year of working experience as a junior architect. Practical skills include fire simulation in enclosure, risk assessment and egress modelling. As a Junior Architect I was responsible for building design, urban and landscape design collaborating with clients, other architects, engineers, council, and contractors.


"Driving for equality is essential for couple of reasons: Sustainable Development: Equality is closely linked to sustainable development. Innovation and Creativity: Innovation and creativity are an outcome of an equal and diverse society. Diverse perspectives, ideas and problem-solving solutions come from people with different experiences and backgrounds. Social Cohesion: When people are having equal opportunities and are being treated fairly, this reduces social division and tension and fosters social cohesion."