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Lars Wilmar

Lars Wilmar

Project Manager, Footprint Zero

With an unwavering commitment to advancing the green economy, Lars Wilmar adeptly combines investment analysis and project management, paving the way for a more sustainable world. His expertise spans onshore-wind, solar, and battery storage, making him a key player in reshaping the renewable energy sector. At Footprint Zero, Lars leads PV panel installations on various commercial roofs, overseeing 25 projects totalling an impressive 6 MW in capacity. Notably, he is dedicated to crafting solid economic business cases for every project and investment aimed at generating returns. His skill in managing intricate projects is matched by his ability to foster relationships and implement precise risk mitigation strategies. As an investment analyst at Boralex, overseeing a 300 MW portfolio, Lars understands the financial dynamics of renewable energy. With a unique blend of project management finesse and renewable energy insight, he propels transformative and sustainable initiatives. By integrating PV and battery technologies, he enhances property values and contributes to a more balanced and resilient future. Lars Wilmar's steadfast dedication underscores his pivotal role in steering toward a greener horizon, where innovation, sustainability, and economic viability harmonise.


Fostering a resilient, green future for all.