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Lauren Franklin

Lauren Franklin

Senior Operations Manager, IPG

Lauren is a skilled commercially-minded professional with 8 years’ experience delivering high-impact omni-channel business development and marketing strategies in startups, small businesses and sustainability non-profits.

During this time, Lauren has delivered GTM strategies, fostered strategic partnerships to scale growth, secured customers and raised investment; built Marketing Operations teams; and designed, developed and launched new brands.

Today, Lauren is Senior Operations Manager and part of the Leadership Team at IPG Energy, a British start-up delivering a pollutant-free, fuel-flexible generator to accelerate the transition from diesel generators in hard-to-abate sectors, starting with the construction site.

Here, she leads sales and partnerships, implementation of operational efficiency strategies, oversees the marketing team and supports fundraising activities as the company brings its renewable generator to market.


“With the built environment responsible for almost 40% of global energy related carbon emissions, what drives me is the opportunity to be apart of the solution. At IPG Energy we’ve developed a fuel-agnostic generator, but a whole suite of solutions from battery-powered hand tools to electric excavators will have a part to play in the zero-diesel jobsite of the future. Every step towards sustainability companies can make as a promise to clients and to the planet is one to be proud of.”