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Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith

Operations Manager, Digital Inc.

As an experienced Project Manager turned Operations Manager, I have wealth of experience working in the Property and Construction Sector I have been lucky enough to work on some of the most iconic developments. With a passion for problem solving and challenging the status quo I enjoy the way the industry always pushes me to learn new skills and gives me the opportunity to take on new and exciting challenges. I am a keen advocate for Women in construction and would like to use my knowledge/ platform to support, champion and propel women in the industry with a view to inspire younger generations to be excited about the multitude of opportunities and careers available within the Construction Sector. 

Statement: As a woman with years of experience in the construction industry. I understand the challenges that women face and the immense potential they have to make a difference. My aim is to inspire and support women who want to enter or advance in the construction industry by sharing my experiences and providing guidance or mentorship. I firmly believe that women have the skills, intelligence, and creativity to excel in construction and that they can play a critical role in shaping the industry's future. I advocate for greater inclusion and diversity in the construction sector and promote a culture that values and respects women's contributions. When women are given the opportunity to excel, the entire industry benefits from their unique perspectives and insights. As a mum of 2 girls, I also hope to inspire future generations to join this exciting and rewarding field and show that anything is possible.