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Lindsey Dumper

Lindsey Dumper

Lindsey Dumper , Laing O Rourke

My journey in construction started back in 2000. I started as a fitter’s mate and then soon felt the desire to push into welding. I completed a 5-year apprenticeship in pipefitting/ welding. I was the 2nd female to pass the welding course at Croydon College in its welding history. Although very rewarding it had its challenges! I then wanted to progress further into management / leadership to hopefully help shape the future for women in the industry and to demonstrate we can all be part of this industry no matter who you are. Over a few years, I then worked in various roles to gain experience such as contracts supervisor, estimating then into package management. I kept up to date with my welding skills and made sure I stayed in touch with site working and its difficulties. I then worked in services consulting where I stayed for quite some time developing my knowledge contracts and projects as a whole and building my portfolio of projects and contacts within the industry. I also got married and had a beautiful daughter. I work within the data centre sector currently which I enjoy. Its fast paced and very services oriented. My future goals are to utilise the skills I have learnt over the years and put these into action to build and lead a team on future projects. I hope to be a role model for my daughter so that she feels supported and encouraged to follow her dreams no matter the challenges.


"Everybody should have an equal voice , respect and feel valued in the industry and the varying points of view provided by different people permitted to e expressed and heard. Through this, the industry would benefit greatly as a whole."