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Lisa Bliss

Lisa Bliss

Director, Redshell Consulting Limited

Lisa has been with Haringey Council for over 16 years. Lisa’s procurement experience spans multiple sectors ranging from care, supplies and services, and construction. Since 2018 Lisa has established and led a dedicated team created to manage the Councils extensive portfolio of DPS systems and Framework, providing engagement with all stakeholders and suppliers.
Lisa is also responsible for leading on the London Construction Programme (LCP), a virtual organisation hosted by Haringey Council. The LCP is the one-stop-shop for procurement of public sector construction projects ranging from Professional Services, Minor Works and Major Works schemes across London and the Home Counties. Now, over 40 public sector organisations are benefitting from efficient, compliant procurement processes that the LCP offers. Lisa has been instrumental in leading innovation in end-to-end procurement practices and more recently developed a full end to end technology to procure, contract and performance manage all contracts awarded via the LCP Framework.


"I believe that somebody’s mental health should have as high priority as their physical health and that we have a role to play in reducing the stigma associated with Mental Health."