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Lorna Killick

Lorna Killick

Head of Business Operations, ODGroup

I have lived and breathed business operations within the commercial fit-out sector for over 13 years. Looking for my first job in London back in 2010, I stumbled into a role at an office fit-out company and the rest is history, I got the bug! I started out as an Office & HR Manager, but have worked my way up through business operations, helping to build some of the most successful teams in the industry. I'm incredibly proud of what I have achieved, and in my current role at ODGroup it has been an absolute pleasure to mentor and champion a fantastic team of women who are responsible for some of the big strategic innovations of the last 2 years.


The commercial fit-out industry in London is an unusual bubble. I've made it my personal mission to bring in new blood, championing schemes to support the transition of ex-military personnel, graduates, school/college leavers and underrepresented groups into the construction industry. It's really important for everyone in our field to get behind efforts to make the industry more accessible. We're missing a trick if we don't. Companies that are not prepared to hire against the norm or support those that need flexibility, are simply flushing skills and innovation out of the sector. We should be challenging our decision-making processes every day, and putting a pause on lazy recruitment. The commitment starts with early conversations. Who comes out of school or college looking for a job as a fit-out project manager or a document controller? No one, because they've never heard of these roles. Construction isn't just 'Bob the Builder' - there are hundreds of specialisms that suit all manner of interests, personalities, and talents. We should all make a concerted effort to promote our industry and engage talent outside of our networking circles - the next star might be someone you didn't expect.