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Louisa Peel

Louisa Peel

John Sisk & Sons , UK South Information Systems Manager

I am a young and experienced Information Systems Manager with nine years of valuable experience in the construction industry. Throughout my journey, I have diligently climbed the career ladder, making significant strides on my own. My specialisation lies in ISO 19650 and digital innovations, which have been instrumental in driving progress within the field. Recently, a colleague and I had the honour of being shortlisted for three prestigious digital/BIM Awards, including one for the esteemed London Build Construction Awards. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to driving innovation in the industry. My passion for the construction field runs deep, and I am particularly driven to empower women within this sector, especially in the realms of BIM and digital technologies. I firmly believe in the importance of diversity and inclusivity, and I am determined to contribute to the growth and success of women in this dynamic and evolving industry. Through my work and dedication, I hope to inspire and support other women to pursue rewarding careers in the construction industry, fostering a more inclusive and thriving community within the BIM and digital domains.


Driving diversity, equality, and inclusion in construction is vital because it cultivates innovation, fosters a more harmonious work environment, and unlocks the full potential of talent, leading to a stronger, more resilient, and progressive industry for all.