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Loulou Mattinson

Loulou Mattinson

Engineer (BIM), WSP

Through education and working in the industry, I have developed a multidisciplinary skill palette. On completing my Architecture BSc I worked as an Architectural Assistant in an award-winning London practise focused on RIBA design stages 0 to 4. My software skills quickly led to me understanding the critical and growing role BIM plays in Architecture. In searching and finding solutions to design inefficiencies, I discovered I had an aptitude for BIM which was also noticed early by practise seniors. Further research quickly led me to starting a Masters in ‘Building Infrastructure Information Modelling for Smart Engineering’, covering AI, data analytics, and advanced robotics, concluding in a thesis titled ‘City-level Social Media Data Analysis for Spatial Observations, Integrated Diagnosis and Policy Assessment’. Since graduating, I have joined WSP in their BIM department, looking at project quality management and digital innovation.


"Without ambitions of equality, individuals are unable to see themselves represented across industry; from new joiners, to those leading the field. Representation makes tangible a career you see for yourself, challenging you to be more ambitious."