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Luca Arnaud

Luca Arnaud

Architect , laa architecture

Luca brings a wealth of design talent across a broad range of building typologies, from commercial to residential, from healthcare to hospitality. During his early career, he developed extensive experience in healthcare design and developed major hospital projects in Italy for over ten years, from inception to completion. Looking for further challenges and to broaden his knowledge, he moved to London in 2006, where he started working on large-scale residential and mixed-use schemes in the United Kingdom, Turkey and Azerbaijan and major hospital projects in Libya and Iraq. He then set up his own company, working on projects in the UK, Switzerland, Georgia, Russia, Kirgizstan and Kazakhstan. Luca is a RIBA chartered architect in the UK and a fully qualified architect in Italy. 


Make no mistakes: we must not build a sustainable future to save the planet; it will save it by itself; we must do it to save humanity from great suffering and extinction. Other than saving lives, heading for a sustainable future will help to harmonise nature and human beings again, as these are not two different entities. To separate humanity from the natural world is one of the major mistakes human society made in the last century.