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Lucia Ortega Gimenez

Lucia Ortega Gimenez

Global Consultancy Manager, Danfoss

I am a senior Fire & Life Safety Consultant with over 18 years of professional experience in both prescriptive & performance-based fire safety engineering principles.


I was told during a site inspection that "I've done really bad in my life to be working on-site", which merely underlines the work that remains to be done and imperative need of substantial improvements on women's role acknowledgement in construction.
As women, we put strong standards and pression on us to deliver our best in every area of our life yet we still face workplace challenges, the need to prove our talent over and over, silent observators of discrimination, no real place to speak, the need to "fit in" as coping system", look/outfit judgement, ….
Diversity and inclusion correlate with an increase in range of skills along with innovative and creative ideas and are essential for any company to stand out. Companies should be thriving for an inclusive and diverse workplace with focus on initiatives to increase women's engagement and development and emphasize inviting different ideas from all team members regardless of backgrounds or circumstances.