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Lucile Bertolaso-Scarlett

Lucile Bertolaso-Scarlett

Architectural Designer , StudioNWA

Lucile A. Bertolaso-Scarlett is an architectural designer, creative collaborator and strong believer in sustainable design, ethical and circular economy, and community involvement for a better quality of life. As a multifaceted designer, she has worked on architectural projects ranging from feasibility studies to technical stage on projects such as Data Centres, Residential and Commercial. Lucile’s background in scenography, interior design and architecture contributes to her sensitivity to design in the various project she’s been involved in at studioNWA. As a strong believer in the need for circularity, sustainable design, and in designing with a focus on users and local communities, Lucile works to incorporate high-quality design into projects to contribute to a better quality of life. Her passion for design and her drive for improvement has led her to further studies, a RIBA Award for her final student project, and a Royal Academy of Arts shortlisting of that project’s model. 


As designers we have the responsibility and the privilege to shape our future. Thinking of circularity at a social, ecological and architectural level is essential. Sustainable design is the only way forward.